benjamin walbrook

about me

I [benjamin walbrook] am a Creative Producer, Designer and Sound and Music Artist.

I collaborate with artists, designers, educators and storytellers to build immersive audio-visual encounters that encourage creative social interaction and evoke heightened emotional experiences.

I have a professional background as a Senior Producer in the Australian art museum sector with more than 10 years experience at the National Gallery of Victoria, directing and producing moving image, sound, music and interactive experiences across exhibition installation, documentary film production and digital media systems.

In a continued effort to understand the potential relationship between image, music, acoustics and architecture, I am pursuing a practice led Masters degree in the faculty of Design at Monash University. My research explores the potential of immersive environments and Virtual Reality technology as a collaborative, documentary story making platform for artists and designers across all disciplines interested in human perception, response and expression.

Intrinsic to my artistic practice is the creative application of sound and music and the playful interaction between colour, form and texture in digital media and the built environment.

I hold an Honours Degree in Media Arts (2003) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

For further details relating to my professional history and associations please visit my LinkedIn page here.